Enchanting Melodies of Sitar and Tabla

Society For Indian Classical Arts (SICA), a student club at the University of Victoria presents "Enchanting Melodies of Sitar and Tabla: An Indian (Hindustani) Classical Music concert " by Pandit Kushal Das (Sitar) and Pandit Ramdas Palsule (Tabla) on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Pandit Kushal Das, is one of the leading sitar players of India today. He is a "top grade musician" at All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan. Pandit Ramdas Palsule, an accomplished soloist as well as a versatile accompanist, will be performing on the tabla hand drums. Don't miss this opportunity to see these wonderful artists perform here in Victoria.

Venue: David Lam Auditorium, A144, MacLaurin Building at University of Victoria (UVic).
Date: Saturday, April 29, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM (Doors Open at 6:45PM)
Tickets: $20, $15 students
Call Sri/Sudhakar: 250-721-2672 for more information.

Please see SICA's webpage (http://web.uvic.ca/~sica) for a poster.
We are also on FACEBOOK (http://www.facebook.com/uvicsica)

Kushal Das is one of the leading sitar players of India today. He hails from a family of musicians & was born in Kolkata in the year 1959. His grandfather late Bimalchandra Das was a famous Esraj player while his father, Sri Sailen Das, and his uncle, Sri Santanu Das are Siarists of great recognition. Kushal received rigorous training in advanced Sitar styles & the art of Music under the tutelage Prof. Sanjoy Banerjee and Pandit Ajoy Sinha Roy. In order to accomplish a more profound understanding of Raga interpretations he takes additional vocal lessons with Pandit Manas Chakraborty and Sri Ramkrishna Basu. Kushal Das has performed in almost all the famous Music Festivals in India & has also traveled widely all over the globe. Kushal Das is a " TOP grade musician" at All India Radio and Doordarshan - the leading media regarding classical Indian music in India itself. Since 2002 Kushal Das also plays the Surbahar in addition to the Sitar.He has many commercial albums to his credit.

Ramdas Palsule is a very familiar name to the worshippers of Hindustani music as an intellectual Tabla Player who has carved a niche for himself at a very young age. Having achieved Bachelor's degree in engineering, Ramdas has been recognized as one of the most senior disciples of World Famous Tabla Maestro Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar. Being an accomplished soloist as well as a versatile accompanist, he has performed widely in all the eminent music festivals of India.  Outside India, he has performed practically all over the world including countries like U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Australia, Africa and the Gulf Countries. His Tabla accompaniment ranges from distinguished vocalists to prominent instrumentalists and also to renowned Kathak dancers of the country. He has accompanied with almost all the top notch musicians & dancers of today. Besides performances, Ramdas imparts training to the younger generation of students of Tabla. He is also appointed as a Guru in the Center for Performing Arts of the University of Pune, for last almost 20 years. Ramdas has been instrumental in conception of AVARTAN GURUKUL, which has now commenced this year in Pune. Stalwarts like Taalyogi Pt.Suresh Talwalkar, Pt.Ulhas Kashalkar, Pt.Uday Bhawalkar, Pandita Shama Bhate, Pandita sucheta Bhide Chapekar & Ramdas himself are the Gurus of this Gurukul.

Please see the respective webpages of the artists to know more about them. Hope to see you all there!!!